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Juice Summit 2018
Coconut juice – a chance for the fruit juice industry
Less sugar, more minerals and still: 100 percent juice!

Stefan Reiß, CEO, Green Coco. Juice Summit 2018 in Antwerp. Photo: Erik Luntelang

From 16 to 18 October 2018, the largest and most important European summit of the fruit juice industry – the Juice Summit in Antwerp – took place. Stefan Reiß, CEO of Green Coco Europe GmbH and co-founder of premium brand Dr. Antonio Martins was invited as a speaker emphasizing the potential and relevance of coconut water / coconut juice to the juice industry in front of about 600 decision-makers. The CEO of the Nuremberg company presents an interesting approach to reducing sugar in fruit juices. Coconut juice is very popular among athletes, vegans and nutritionally-conscious consumers due to its high potassium and low calorie content – making it an ideal blend for juices whose high sugar content no longer seems to hit the nerve of the times.

For some time now, the juice industry has faced immense challenges in terms of sugar discussions. The high sugar content of orange juice & co is increasingly being pilloried. For example, orange juice with about 8 grams of sugar per 100 ml of juice contains as much sugar as cola. For this reason, the 100% fruit juice loses its healthy reputation not only with relevant nutritionists, but more and more with nutritionally conscious consumers.

“Coconut juice can be a solution here and take out the wind of the issue´s sails. Why not add coconut juice to orange juice and drastically reduce sugar content and calories? The fruit juice content remains in this way at 100 percent. The light and neutral properties of the coconut juice do not mask the taste of the orange juice. According to the latest figures from the market research study by Arizton, I see a potential of 297 million liters for juice with coconut juice by 2023, “says Green-Coco CEO Stefan Reiß, summing up his solution.

Coconut juice adds valuable minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium to the juice and these can also be declared as such. The juice of the coconut is 11-19 kcal per 100 ml – the lowest calorie fruit juice ever.

A mixing ratio of 40% coconut juice and 60% orange juice gives 29 calories per 100 ml, instead of 42 kcal as before. In this way you achieve a reduction of more than 10 calories per 100ml to less than 30 kcal compared to the pure variant – in times of steadily rising numbers of diabetes diseases a step in the right direction. Even in multivitamin juices, adding coconut juice would mean a significant calorie and sugar reduction.

Other facts should encourage the industry to take this path: According to a market study by Arizton, the coconut water market is expected to grow by 25% per year across Europe by 2023. Coconut juice is no longer a niche product, has established itself as an independent category and can be found in almost every discount. Supermarkets, such as REWE, already have a firm place on the shelves for their own coconut juice brands.

Green Coco Europe GmbH has been the European category leader in organic coconut juice for more than 16 years. With the organic brand Dr.Antonio Martins Green Coco has been writing her own success story and is increasingly positioning herself as a raw materials expert. Since 2013, sales from brand, raw materials business and private label increased by about 81%.

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Juice Summit 2018

From October 16th-18th 2018, the biggest and most important summit of the fruit juice industry, the juice summit in Antwerp, takes place. 

This year, Green Coco will have a special honour: Stefan Reiß, CEO of Green Coco Europe GmbH and co-founder of our premium brand Dr. Antonio Martins, was invited as a speaker. He will hold a lecture there today to the most important decision makers of the fruit juice industry about the potentials of coconut water/coconut juice.

Worldwide market studies (such as Arizton) predict for the coco-category a worldwide growth of approximately 24% per year by 2023. Coconut juice/coconut water is therefore one of the most growing categories in the fruit juice sector.

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Green Coco Europe at the Alimentaria 2018

Alimentaria in Barcelona is one of the largest trade shows for food and beverages.

Important decision makers from diverse sectors of the food industry travel to the Catalan capital to share with colleagues and make new business contacts.

The Alimentaria will take place from Monday, 16. April to Thursday, 19. April 2018 in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Green Coco Europe with his international sales director Marc Bod and his sales team is looking forward to having intense coco-business-talks.

Where? Pavillion 1, Nivel 0, Calle E, stand 565.

Come and visit us!

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Green Coco Europe GmbH
Coconut water pioneer with over 15 years of know-how

It’s happening next week, the world’s biggest leading trade fair for organic food is taking place from 14-17 February, 2018, in Nuremberg – the company headquarters of Green Coco Europe. You will find the coconut water pioneer in hall 9 on stand 9-226. As the short company profile shows, the company identifies closely with BioFach – the most important meeting place for organic trade decision makers.

In 2002, Stefan Reiss – at that time still in his role as a consultant and well before the company was founded – together with native Brazilian Dr Antonio Martins, starts the coconut water project. They travel to Brazil in search of suitable organic plantations, with the aim of exporting the first organic-quality coconut juice from young coconuts, which are especially nutritious and rich in minerals. In 2004 they present the first products from premium brand Dr Antonio Martins at BioFach. The interest is huge and from then on it is clear: this is a distinct category with great potential. A long learning and development process begins and Stefan Reiss develops more coconut water variations with Dr. Antonio Martins, which they successfully present again at BioFach in 2005. After further professionalisation and structuring, in 2008 the time has come: Green Coco Europe GmbH, based in Nuremberg, is established.

2018 – 10 years later: Numerous beverage companies have jumped on the bandwagon and the coconut juice category is the fastest growing in the fruit juice sector. According to a recent market study by Arizton (February 2018), the coconut water market is expected to grow by 24.95 % per year from the current 2.193 to 8.346 billion euros in 2023. Green Coco Europe GmbH, with its premium organic brand Dr. Antonio Martins and aqua verde, is now the European leader in the category for organic coconut juice and coconut water. And not without reason: since the beginning Green Coco has successfully relied on long and sustainable partnerships, including in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, and is not only constantly developing its own brands, but also provides its know-how in the field of private labelling – with one crucial advantage: bottling takes place in Germany. Transporting raw materials from the coconut-growing countries not only ensures lower CO2 emissions, but bottling in Germany also enables highly controlled quality standards as well as great flexibility, meaning the finished product can be bottled within ten days. Prestigious partners such as REWE benefit from this, as the Nuremberg pioneer for coconut water has been supplying the supermarket chain for several years, most recently with Rewe Organic Coconut Water.

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