coco coffee cappuccino

Your coco cappuccino with organic coconut milk – 100% vegan.

62 %
 coconut juice*
22 %
 coconut milk from the fully ripe coconut*
16 %
100 %
 delicious alternative to normal coffee

*Everything from controlled organic farming.
And for more creaminess: some gellan​.

coffee with coconut milk​
You love coffee. Preferably with a lot of milk.
But of course 100 % vegan. And guaranteed GMO-free.
Here is your very special Cappuccino. Made from fine coffee
and delicious coconut milk. In organic quality from careful cultivation.
Fairtrade certified.
Original Dr. Antonio Martins‘ coco coffee has a deliciously fresh flavour.
With a touch of coconut. And we always do it with no added sugar.​

Ingredients: coconut juice from coconut juice concentrate* (62%), light coconut milk* (22%), coffee preparation* (16%, water, instant coffee*), salt, thickener: gellan​​.

This pack gives you approximately …

Nutritional information

Dr Antonio Martins coconut water vegan Kokoswasser