coco milk for drinking pure

For everything you do with normal milk. Slightly creamy and deliciously fresh.

40 %
 coconut milk from the fully ripe coconut*
35 %
23 %
 coconut juice*
 sea salt
100 %
 delicious alternative to normal milk

*Everything from controlled organic farming.
And for more creaminess: some gellan.

coconut milk for drinking …
If you can’t drink any other types of milk, or don’t want to, Mother Nature has something just for you: delicious coconut milk.
Dr. Antonio Martins takes fresh, clear coco juice and adds the precious milk from pressed coconut pulp. The coconuts are organically grown on selected plantations.
Original Dr. Antonio Martins’ coco milk for drinking is slightly creamy and has a deliciously fresh flavour. With a touch of coconut.
And you can be happy that coco milk is vegan and guaranteed GMO-free.

Original Dr. Antonio Martins’ coco milk for drinking is great for everything you do with normal milk:
In muesli, desserts, coffee, smoothies, or on its own – it’s simply delicious. We just love this milk.

Ingredients: Light coconut milk* (40%), water, organic coconut water from coconut water concentrate (23%), sea salt, thickener: gellan.

This pack gives you approximately …

Nutritional information

Dr Antonio Martins coconut water vegan Kokoswasser