Coconut water – one of nature’s treasures that likes to turn pink

Sometimes coconut fans wonder why pure coconut water turns pink and ask us if the product is still drinkable.

Let us reassure you: yes, it’s absolutely OK. The juice of the young coconut has a tendency to turn pink. This is the result of enzymatic activity and is commonly referred to as phenolase. The enzyme content, which accelerates this process, is especially high in young coconuts, and that’s why the pink colour only appears in the juice of young fruits.

It’s also an indication that the juice has been processed as little as possible.

In the USA, “pinking” is even considered a special feature: pinking is a trend there.

From February 2018 our coconut juice is available for the first time as a sparkling drink and with passion fruit in stylish PET bottles. Can you guess what is special about our first Limited Edition? It comes in pink.

So, raise your pink coconut glasses! Enjoy nature’s treasure – also in pink!   


fluid of life

Water of life – this is what the juice of the young coconut is known as where it has been drunk for millennia, like orange juice is to us. People in the tropics are very lucky, because coconut juice is much more than just any old fruit juice – its extensive contribution to a healthy diet has been handed down for generations …

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has examined coconut juice in more detail in several independent studies
(> Download coconut juice studies). It came to the conclusion that coconut juice is the ideal natural thirst-quencher. “What could be better than a natural beverage product with the delicate aroma, taste, drinking characteristics and nutritional value of pure, fresh, tender coconut water, plus all the functional characteristics …?” And they are right (>original document).

Why is coconut juice so special? Let’s take a closer look at why nature invented coconut juice and what it does with it …
Coconuts ripen on coconut palms. Always in the tropics and always close to the equator. Your holiday snaps of palm-lined beaches are wonderful. But what you can’t see is that the micro-climate there is anything but life-sustaining. Sandy ground, little water, lots of sun and high temperatures. When a coconut is ripe and falls from the palms, it often rolls into the sea. Sometimes months go by before it reaches land again. And when it does it is greeted by the same heat and drought.

As they have evolved over the millennia, coconut palms have found a way to give their “children” everything they need to take their first steps in life all by themselves. Each coconut contains all of the energy and water it needs to be able to start growing, even after month in agressive salty water.

The big difference from the fruits of other plants is the water. Coconuts contain liquid water. And this coconut juice is uniquely valuable. Naturally pure, with a mineral balance that is exactly the same as your body. Fat-free, low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals.

This “fluid of life” gives the coconut seedling everything it needs to grow. And coconut juice gives you everything a drink should have if a healthy diet is important to you.

But remember to consider quality. Dr Antonio Martins consists of the juice of young organic coconuts. This makes the coconut juice really valuable and tasty.

the young coconut

coconut water with glass pure Kokoswasser pur Glas

dr antonio martins

Because there are sometimes doctors in advertising who are purely fictional, we would like to tell you who our Dr Martins actually is. He really does exist …

The story of coco is closely linked to the life of Dr Antonio Martins. He was born in Goiania, Brazil, so he grew up with coconut juice. You could say he has been familiar with the many beneficial properties of young coconut juice as a natural thirst-quencher from an early age. He later worked in many countries around the world as an internationally renowned specialist in sports medicine, nutritional medicine and paediatrics. He finally moved to Austria in 1981. At his practise in Vienna, mothers frequently came to him with the question: “What is the best drink for our child?”

Dr Antonio Martins’ answer :coconut juice. The only problem was, you could not buy coconut juice in Europe because coconut palms cannot grow here.

Dr Antonio Martins simply could not rest. It had to be possible to bring coconut juice to Europe as a drink. But not just any kind. Only the best possible quality. Produced as an organic product as sustainably as possible. A very simple idea, really. And yet so difficult to achieve …

Many years were spent looking for small farmers, certifying coconut plantations as organic and developing a process that gets the delicate coconut juice from the fresh, young coconut into bottles and packaging in such a way that it retains both its value and its flavour. This is not so easy if you want the coconut juice from young coconuts to be processed as little as possible and do not want to use any preservatives or other chemicals.

In 2002 it was finally accomplished. That is how long original Dr Antonio Martins’ coco has existed. And how long many thousands of satisfied people all over the world have been saying, “For me, coco is the best coconut juice ever”.

Thank you for always believing in your idea, Dr Antonio Martins. Now we can drink coconut juice that tastes like it is fresh from the nut. So easy to buy from the shop around the corner.

suppliers …

Dr Antonio Martins story Geschichte

new: coco juice apricot

coco mixed with organic fruit juice has always been especially delicious. And now along come a few apricots to turn everything on its head …

For a long time, we have been considering which fruits we could mix with coco organic coconut juice next. Not only should it taste good, it should also have a purpose. Vitamin A is a good idea, because Mother Nature somehow forgot about it for coconut juice. So, what contains a lot of natural vitamin A? Exactly – apricots. And because we wanted the best for coco, we went to the Mediterranean to buy them.

What can you say? coco with apricots tastes fantastic. The organic apricots add a refreshing element that works perfectly with the delicate coconut taste.

You have to try coco juice with apricots soon. It is already everyone’s favourite.

apricot coco juice …