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Coconut juice – like fresh off the palm tree:
100% Organic, 100% Juice, 100% King Coconut

Dr. Antonio Martins – leader of the organic coconut juice category – will offer raw coconut juice for the first time in June 2018, at the peak of the beverage season. The juice will be preserved through an HPP process.

The PET vial measures 240 ml and is filled with 100% coconut juice from the young King Coconut. This type of coconut has a yellow-orange colour, and grows only in Sri Lanka. It is a particularly tasty coconut for juices, since it does not form pulp and is therefore completely filled with coconut juice. Dr. Antonio Martins ensures that the coconuts are harvested by small-scale farmers on certified organic plantations in Sri Lanka, and that the juice is ready for transport to Europe within 24 hours. Juice lovers can look forward to enjoying exceptional quality. For: The mineral and nutrient-rich juice is offered for the first time as a raw food – thanks to the HPP process, and is completely unpasteurised. HPP stands for High Pressure Processing, which defines an innovative process of juice preservation that works without any heating and has no effect on vitamin, nutrient content, taste and texture.

Stefan Reiß – CEO of the Green Coco Europe GmbH – tests the quality of the King Coconut in Sri Lanka. He engages regularly in direct conversations with the small-scale organic farms, with whom he maintains intensive and sustainable cooperation.

The gentle high-pressure process allows Antonio Martins to bring the least processed juice to refrigerated shelves.

100% organic 100% juice – almost like it’s fresh off the palm tree, and available for €2.29 as of June 1, 2018. This vegan innovation can stay fresh for 60 days, if unopened and kept cooled, at 5 degrees or under.

In Germany the HPP process is implemented in Geretsried, Bavaria.

We are pleased to have found in the Bagusat GmbH & Co KG a reliable partner with many decades of juice preservation experience for the implementation of the HPP process, Stefan Reiß explains, CEO of the company Green Coco Europe GmbH in Nuremberg.

Green Coco Europe GmbH was the first company to bring organic quality coconut juice to Europe, and together with Dr. Antonio Martins and aqua verde, has been the category leader for European organic coconut juice and organic coconut water for the past 15 years.

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Some passion for your handbag
Now it’s fizzy too …

Another innovation comes in the form of the fully recyclable 0.33 l PET bottle, which is stylish, easy to hold, and comfortable to drink from: Organic coconut juice from young coconuts with a hint of the natural flavour of passion fruit – and for the first time in the history of Dr Antonio Martins – it’s fizzy. The light, ergonomically shaped bottle is a practical companion when playing sport or on long shopping trips. After all the hand(bag)y thirst quencher fits in virtually any handbag. The newcomer already has three elegant PET siblings, which are still, in the flavours original, mango, and peach with green tea. With no preservatives or sugar and a maximum of 19 kcal/100 ml, they are an organic, low-calorie, refreshing, and flavourful drink.

Cooperation with Nuremberg bag designer
On Instagram and Facebook: #passionfürdietasche (#passionforbags)

There is a special collaboration for the launch of the product, which fits with the hashtag #passionfürdietasche (#passionforbags). Nuremberg bag designer Karin Suchanka manufactured two exclusive high-quality leather handbags – in the colour scheme of the product innovation coconut juice & passion fruit. The fashionable X-Bag comes in trendy colour blocking with green (like the coconut), pink (bag fastener), and passion fruit yellow and gold. They will be given away on Instagram and on Facebook under the hashtag #passionfürdietasche (#passionforbags). Who can take part? Anyone who follows the Instagram account at dr_antonio_martins and/or the new Facebook account at Dr_antonio_martins. Anyone who likes the coming post with the photo of the unique bag and explains using the hashtag #passionfürdietasche (#passionforbags) why they have a special passion for bags – photos would be good – will be entered into the draw. The giveaway is expected to start on 15. March 2018 – the unique bags are currently being designed by Karin Suchanka and hand stitched in her studio in Nuremberg’s old town.

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Dr. Antonio Martins makes space for the king and goes orange

The premium brand among coconut juices has until now had a clear trademark: the young, green coconut, whose quality and special juice, rich in nutrients, has impressed lovers of coconut juice around the world. From February 2018 there will be a new, unfamiliar star on the otherwise so green Tetra Paks: the yellowy-orange king coconut. It is rare coconut variety, which grows exclusively in Sri Lanka. What is special about the fruit? When you open it, it is full to the brim with juice. The ‘Thambili’, as it is also known by the locals, forms very little coconut flesh, so its slightly sweet, mellow juice is particularly rich in nutrients and minerals. The king coconut is a coconut made for drinking, which comes from carefully selected plantations, and is therefore an essential part of Dr Antonio Martins range in the premium segment. Welcome, your Majesty!

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